Case Study / TRIVAGO

CASE STUDY FOR “Brand Designer & Conceptor”

1. BRIEFING: Develop a Brand Design concept which reflects the future Trivago brand whilst observing the initial situation shown.

2. DESIGN CONCEPTBased on slogan of TRIVAGO 'Empowering people to get more out of life' I researched about the travel meaning in a customer's life - What is the point? What can change in people’s life? What do they feel after this experience? I received different answers from users' interviews but one word stood out - 'Happiness'. So we knew which was the personal question to be done to our customers and give them space to think about their life, their real life and how they reach happiness. So the question is: 'What's missing in your life?' and Trivago can answer to that with this headline - 'Explore the World with the Best!'
The advertising campaign should help customers to answer to this question by giving them four different scenarios where the main goal was to 'How to be happy?'. The new campaign was design based on new Trivago’s future Brand Design Concept with Facebook (as a spreader) and Instagram (as a booster) were the communication channel and touch points chosen.

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