BAAM Homepage - Redesign

1. TASK: Update the BAAM homepage look maintaining the existing top level navigation and respect for brand guidelines.

We want to be and are dierent to the conventional smaller, independent ad agency and would like to be recognised just so. That said we still need to attract what those potential clients have come to look for and not put them off for being so dierent that they can’t get their heads around the way we work, our USP etc. 
Were the first agency certainly around this neck of the wood to embrace such an approach (transparent pricing, tiered levels of service, description on each service, option to build a campaign on the fly, options to pay over an agreed period of time) so would like to capitalise on this unique proposition. I think we need to get the balance between our USP and calibre of work slightly better proportioned. 
In terms of what we stand for, we aspire to and would like to be projected as the John Lewis of ad agencies. This doesnt mean however we want our website to look like theirs. In fact wed quite like to keep the general look and feel of the website as it is but the homepage can be ‘tweaked’ to make it more engaging. 
The type of business we want to attract from our website (and generally) is retainer, for ongoing advertising and marketing deliverables. We don’t turn our noses up at the one-­off projects as often its a way in the door for us to get the ongoing stuff but we don’t actively go searching for those one-­off projects. 


    3.1 Discovery, Plan, Create: uncover business goals through stakeholders questions, competition analysis, create 2 Personas, card sorting for come up with a feature list based on constraints and requirements, map user flow out, create a style guide based on BAAM brand guidelines, create a medium-fidelity prototype.
    3.2 Tools: Balsamiq tool, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

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